A Quote A Day – Day 2

For day two of the challenge, I nominate Sue Kelso Ryan, a blogger who is UK neighbour with Cotswold Views. As my blog is all about Crete and Greece it must seem that is all I care about, but I certainly love the English countryside, especially the Cotswolds. Sue starts her About Page with this quote:

Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits‘ by Satchel Paige, US baseball player, 1906 – 1982.

Now, back to the quote a day challenge, these are the rules:

1, Post 1 quote a day for 3 days (can be your own or from other sources).

2, Nominate a blogger to participate per post. Done, see above.

3, Thank the person who nominated you. My thank you goes to Ritu, of But I Smile Anyway; her blog is one of my favourites.

For my second quote I’ve looked to one of my favourite authors, Crete’s very own Nikos Kazantzakis  although, wait for it… shock horror I didn’t like Zorba The Greek! I like the film music though!

My chosen quote is from the tomb of Nikos Kazantzakis where he rests in the city wall rather than an Orthodox graveyard as his work upset the church. The words Kazantzakis chose are:

“I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free.”

When writing Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa I had to make decisions over place names as they have changed over the years and have different endings depending on the context of the rest of the sentence.
The capital of Crete is Heraklion, but in Kazantzakis’s novel, Captain Michalis, set during the ongoing rebellion against Ottoman oppression in 1889, he uses Megalo Kastro meaning Great Fortress. This struck me as odd because according to my research, that was the city’s name after the Byzantine re-conquest circa 963 AD, and by Ottoman times its name was Candia.
Of course, Kazantzakis hadn’t made an error, it was the name used by the local Cretan people as a mark of their disrespect for Ottoman rule. As Megalo Kastro was the choice of Crete’s literary genius, I chose to use it too.


(P.S. If anyone knows how to reformat the above text to match that at the top of the post, please share!)

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