Flash Fiction – Feeling hot hot hot

With a heat wave in the UK, and a great sense of humour, Matt at The Book Blogger set Hot Hot Hot, by The Merry Men as the basis of this week’s flash fiction foray.

Although Matt hadn’t realised it at first, he actually set the challenge for a 100 word piece of fiction on National Flash Fiction Day. How do I know this? Debbie Young, a champion of the genre told me so via her blog. http://authordebbieyoung.com/2015/06/27/celebrating-national-flash-fiction-day-2015/

Here’s the song to get you in the mood:

Right, now here’s my contribution:

Feeling hot hot hot…

Relief was in sight. His dry tongue rasped over salty lips.

He reached out. Ice burnt his fingers.

He snatched his hand away, then stared mesmerised as melt water nestled in frosty indentations before spilling to pool with condensation from the tall green bottle.

With exaggerated care he lifted the glass, tilted it, then poured a steady stream of golden fluid from the bottle, determined that it shouldn’t froth over. Now, the moment was near, he raised the slippery glass to his mouth.

‘Oh Lord, that’s good!

Hey Stavros, you’re a genius to freeze beer glasses.’Mythos, the taste Greece!

Mythos, the taste of Greece!

Photo reproduced by kind permission of Steve Rundle.                               Flash Fiction Foray #8 https://thebookblogger2014.wordpress.com/2015/06/30/hot-hot-hot-fff8/#comments

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