Flash Fiction ‘Daddy Cool’

Matt at The Book Blogger was musing over the song he’d set us as the challenge for this week’s Flash Fiction Foray#7 during Father’s Day and the result was Daddy Cool by Boney M.  As a 70’s teenager I enjoyed dancing to that song so playing the video that Matt provided brought back good memories, but how on earth could I link this to a Greek theme…

Eventually, after many replays of the video at full volume, I slumped on the sofa, dropped the hairbrush I’d been using as a pseudo microphone and stared at the blank page on the computer screen. My breathing was hard after that dancing, but then I heard someone else gasping for breath as they ran down a tiny street in Kritsa back in 1813…

A dishevelled barefoot child charged through the open door to startle two women slicing vegetables at the table.  Rodanthe wailed, ‘It’s not fair!  Papa says I must go straight to bed.  The women exchanged a glance, each desperate not to laugh.  Grandma asked, ‘What have you done?’

‘Nothing!  A big boy said I’d be afraid to climb on the church roof.  How could I know that my clog would fall through a hole to hit papa?’

Footsteps sounded outside.  Rodanthe paled and ran to the bedroom.  Her mama smiled, ‘She’ll be fine.  She believes in him, she loves her papa.

For further information on the Flash Fiction Challenge visit https://thebookblogger2014.wordpress.com/2015/06/23/daddy-cool-fff7/

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