Flash Fiction

I’m dipping my toe into a new pond called flash fiction. Each week the Book Blogger will set a challenge for a piece of fiction, no more than 100 words, based on a song title. Sounds fun, and I’m sure there will be some weeks that I miss it, but I’m going to participate when I can and give it a twist that anything I write will have a connection with Crete.

This week the basis of the challenge was Hello, by Lionel Ritchie.


Crete trip Sept 2009 081Hello

Nerves? Excitement? Whatever the cause my stomach churned as I trundled my suitcase past five stern, black clad women, each defending their doorstep. Clutched tight in the sweaty palm of my free hand was the key to my new home.

Silent, hooded eyes bore into my back.

My brow, wet from the unaccustomed heat of a Cretan sun, creased at the thought of running this gauntlet daily.

At last, the word that had been eluding me shyly emerged as I passed the final crone, ‘Yassas!’

That simple ‘hello’ was the only key I needed, my smiling friends greet me daily.

14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction”

  1. this is an amazing idea for challenge! I am not a fiction reader due to lack of time, but this flash could be used in so many ways. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    1. Thank you! I know you have joined in many cross blog challenges but as I want to be so Greek focused I often count myself out. Then I realised I could do this one as the Hello story came to me in….a flash! Best wishes, Yvonne x

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