Athens Two Night Stop Over

To avoid the expense of parking a car at the airport during our extended breaks in Crete we take a coach from our Wiltshire home town to Heathrow, so our preferred route to/from Heraklion is via Aegean Airlines, that requires a stop over in Athens.

A downside on the way out is the need to while away several early hours until the first flight to Crete. The brief stopover isn’t long enough to do anything worthwhile so we slump in a cafe to watch the airport slowly come to life.

Being so close to Athens is tantalising, so on this trip back to the UK we enjoyed a two night stop over, our first time in the city.

DSC06144This view of the Acropolis accompanied our breakfast. Click on this photo from the Adrian Hotel, for more details of this comfortable hotel in the heart of vibrant Plaka, but suitably quiet at night.

Although many weeks have passed since May Day when I sprained my ankle it was not fit for two days of walking to, from and around the key sites. This is where the land train service became so valuable, and at only €6 each a bargain, as we could get off at key spots, explore and then get on the next passing train. Click train photo for more information.

Day 1: Of course we visited the amazing Acropolis and the wonderful Acropolis museum where we had rightfully been advised to eat lunch. Deliciously different! Those who have been to this incredible museum will understand me saying that the walk across the glass floor to the main door was one of the highlights of the trip. You can see right down into ancient Athens!

Click on the photo above for a virtual tour of the Acropolis that I found via a wonderful website called Greece by a Greek.

Day 2: Although the land train followed the same route we used it again to stop off at different places. We chose a  stroll through the botanical gardens, a gem just behind the parliament buildings, before a walk around the Ancient Agora in the bustling Monastiraki area where we also enjoyed a late, leisurely lunch.

As soon as lunch was over our city sojourn ended. and we took the metro to Athens airport for our journey to the UK.

If you have any worries about visiting Athens during ‘the crisis ‘ put them aside. We experienced nothing but friendly, helpful people, prices compared favorably to Crete with some nice surprises eg  Example two frappes in Syntagma Square total cost, €4! Support the Greeks, visit and spend money in their shops, hotels and cafes. X

4 thoughts on “Athens Two Night Stop Over”

    1. Thanks to your fb question to me about the ‘atmosphere’ in Athens I made sure I commented on how calm everything was. Honestly, if I hadn’t known about ‘the crisis’ there was nothing that would have made me worry. However, I do realise that those people who are suffering hardship on a daily basis were not in the prime tourist areas. To me the best way to help is visit and spend! X


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