Rodanthe’s Name Day

Today, 9th June is an important day for all Greek Orthodox women and girls called Rodanthe as it’s their name day. A name day celebration is similar to a birthday, bringing good wishes in the form of Chronia Polla, meaning Many Years, and often cake.

03-DSC06125As the young heroine in Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa is Rodanthe it seemed like a good reason to celebrate. So, thank you to Lynne McDonald from Eklektos Bookshop in Elounda who organised a coffee morning. Hospitable Lynne usually offers a tea or a coffee to visitors to aid their browsing, but today they also had cake!

Early bird, Tony Airey was already at the bookshop when I arrived so he had the first signed copy of the day. This was appropriate as Tony was one of the first people to make contact with me when I set up this blog.

07-DSC06132These cheerful holidaymakers are Bob and Patti, all the way from…Spain! Well that surprised me.

imageAll shop visitors during the morning had the opportunity to enter the free draw to win the second of two specially made Kritsotopoula book signing pens, or the equally rare Kritsotopoula key ring. Lynne gave the tickets a good mix.


This is Karen Harding, who won the pen and I’ll be posting the key ring to F. Robertson next week.

If you visit Elounda be sure to find this gem of a bookshop, Lynne stocks new and used books, and as well as dispensing cuppas, she is a font of local knowledge. Click here to go to the Eklektos Facebook page.

I wonder what my real life heroine, Rodanthe would say if she knew that nearly 200 years later people were still celebrating her name day? Chronia Polla, Rodanthe!

2 thoughts on “Rodanthe’s Name Day”

    1. Hi Jan. sorry I missed your comment while travelling. I have seen several spellings of her name when it is translated from Ροδανθη, perhaps Rhodanthe gives a better idea of the guttural start. I say it as Ro dan thee.

      I agree with you that Ροδανθη would be amazed that nearly 200 years later people around the world are discussing her memory! x


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