Gaining Rodanthe’s Approval

My sprained ankle is getting better and after several days of sitting with my feet up it was good to walk through Kritsa, siga siga (slowly slowly) with Jan Bebbington and Hilary Dawson, (who works at estate agent Crete Homes). We were en route to Elixirio, a lovely taverna opposite the school. Jessie, the owner of Elixirio cooks delicious and unusual mezes, and is currently open every evening from 7.30pm, except Sundays.

On our way to Elixirio we passed the bust of Rodanthe sited in the square, by the bus stop. Suddenly inspired, Hilary whipped a copy of Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa, from her handbag and suggested a photo.

Yvonne and Rodanthe

I think Rodanthe approved as I read the page where she …..

Ah, you’ll need to find out for yourself, so click on the photo for purchasing details!

Meanwhile, thanks Hilary!

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