Crete Today Newsletter

The beginning of every month brings me a very special email from Robin P Williams delivering the latest edition of his Crete Today Newsletter.

As a retired ‘newspaper man’ living on Crete,  Robin used his skills to produce a newsletter for his family and friends. Once Robin allowed other people to ‘sign up’ for their own monthly copy his distribution list grew at a pace and is now 500 plus. The content of the advertisement free newsletter has developed into a six page read to cover local news, insight to local politics, culture, features on towns, people and events together with delicious recipes that use the wonderful local ingredients.

Last month Robin had an excellent feature on Beryl Darby, an author who has gained much success with her novel, Yannis set on the island of Spinalonga, Crete when it was a leper colony. In light of this you can imagine why I had an extra reason to look forward to the May edition:

Copyright Robin P Wiiliams
Copyright Robin P Wiiliams

If you would like a monthly copy of this free newsletter please email Robin via

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