Lakonia Studies

This is an amazing project that I shall enjoy following to gain more insight into Greek history.

Spartan Roots (Σπαρτιατικές Ρίζες)

Last summer when I was in Greece, my friend Giannis Michalakakos gave me a copy of Book of Lakonia Studies which contain excerpts of letters and documents from the Venetian conquest of the Peloponnese in the late 1600’s. Specifically, there are transcripts of letters of Francesco Morosini, Doge of Venice 1688-1694, pertaining to Mystras and its surrounding region. The book is in Greek, of course, and my language skills are elementary at best. But, with the help of my teacher, Theodore Papaloizos, Google Translation tools and a Greek-English dictionary, I have begun to read this fascinating history.

I will write posts as I go through this book so others can learn and join me on this journey into the past. Please understand that my translations may not be accurate.

Lakonia Studies

Because this is a transcript of original documents, I am immersed in the first-hand accounts of Morosini, admiral of the Venetian…

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