The game of cracking the Greek Easter eggs

Red eggs are mentioned briefly in Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa so I thought this information would be good to post as it’s the week running up to Greek Orthodox Easter.

Greece by a Greek

tcracking easter eggs
Photo By diaforetiko
According to Greek tradition, Easter eggs are dyed red. Red colour represents Jesus Christ’s blood. Eggs themselves represent Jesus Christ’s sealed Tomb from which He arose after His Crucifixion. Eggs are also a symbol of fertility and eternal life. 
Photo By 7-themes

Holy Thursday is the day that Greeks by tradition dye the eggs red. This tradition has started to fade the last years. Bright colours, patterns, stickers and more crafting ideas are used nowadays to decorate Easter eggs.

Cracking the eggs symbolizes Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. The custom takes place after the Resurrection (on Easter Saturday midnight). It is a game that involves two players and two eggs which the players choose from a basket of red eggs. One player holds his egg and the other player taps with the under end of his egg, the upper end of the other player’s egg. The goal is to crack the other player’s…

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