The Greek War of Independence and an awesome military parade

This is a fabulous piece from a fab blog, about Greek Independence Day, and the parade in Athens this year…

Effrosyni's blog

The_sortie_of_Messologhi_by_Theodore_Vryzakis Theodoros Vryzakis (The Sortie of Messologhi, National Gallery of Athens)

Last week, I visited Athens center on a very special occasion. It was March 25th, the national holiday that commemorates the Greek War of Independence.

In 1821, Greece was enslaved to the Ottoman Empire for a period of four centuries. Thanks to the Ypsilantis brothers, both princes and officers of the Russian Army, the Greek Revolution that had been a precious dream of the enslaved Greeks for generations, finally came to be. In the monastery of Agia Lavra in Kalavryta, Bishop Paleon Patron Germanos raised the banner of the Revolution on March 25th, 1821.

260px-Epanastasi Theodoros Vryzakis (oil painting, 1852, Benaki Museum, Athens)

The rest, as they say, is history. Associated with the Greek Revolution is a series of army and naval leaders that have come to be celebrated as heroes in the hearts of the Greeks. Names such as…

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