Gentle Dentle

Sooner or later I knew I’d need to visit a dentist in Crete, and as I saw it, I could either wait for an emergency or be proactive. I chose the latter, so asked friends in Kritsa who they could recommend as a dentist. One name came up more than any other, so after months of procrastination I found the right place in Agios Nikolaos and walked up his marble staircase.

The waiting room was empty, but I could hear he was busy in his treatment room. After five minutes I left as I needed to meet my other half.

Over the next two week’s I visited twice more to find no receptionist, and no waiting patients. To tell the truth I even wondered if I’d gone to the wrong place, it didn’t even smell like a dentist! On my fourth visit I made sure I had all the time needed to wait patiently until he’d  finished with his current patient. After five minutes another person entered the waiting room, kissed an icon I’d not noticed before, crossed herself reverently and took a seat.

When the dentist did open his door, he shook hands with the departing patient then noticed me. He seemed surprised that I wasn’t in pain and just wanted to make an appointment for a check up, but not as surprised as me when he explained to his waiting patient that he’d not be long and ushered me into the treatment room. With profuse apologies the dentist explained that although I didn’t need treatment he was too busy to do a clean, so could I return in a few days.

A week later, I had the most thorough,but pain free clean I’ve ever had, with very modern equipment. I left his surgery with huge confidence that if I ever I need emergancy treatment he’s the man for me. I was very impressed,  and at €40 I’m going to him for my routine checkups in future.

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