Holidaying in Crete?

My #blogging101 task today was to write a post for my dream reader…

Well, I think its you! You are fed up of cold and grey January weather, so are dreaming of a holiday in Crete with bright blue skies, and shimmering seas. Soon you’ll start to think of bright, flimsy holiday clothes, so much more fun than the weekend food shopping list. Before you know it your thoughts will obviously turn to…



For you, packing exciting holiday reading is as important as your suntan lotion, and you always choose novels set in your holiday location. Now that you’ve decided on a trip to Crete you’re spoilt for choice. Three of my favourites from last year were:

Yannis by Beryl Darby, who brings the leper island of Spinalonga to life like no other. (I read mine on Plaka beach, across the shimmering water from the island of Spinalonga. Being able to feel the sun, smell the sea and shiver at the thought of being abandoned on the island, so tantalisingly close to shore, added a fantastic dimension.)

Cally’s Way by Jane Bow. This book paints a magical picture of beautiful Prevelli on the south coast, and features the legendary heroism in Crete during WW2. (Once again I read this on location on Prevelli’s unique beach. To cool off you can dip in a wide palm shrouded river that spills into the sea.)

The Threshing Circle by Neil Grimmett, a much darker, thriller style of book that illuminates the dreadful power of vendetta. (This summer I’m heading west to visit some of the locations in this gripping tale)

Although these books are very different in style, each author went to great lengths to research their subject to bring historical eras and geographical areas to life, before seasoning them with a good sprinkling of local customs. All ready to enhance a your understanding of your holiday location while you perfect your tan!

Of course, this year I’ll be hoping that you leave room for Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa; it will be published in time for Easter breaks. However, if you’ll visit Elounda or Kritsa you’ve no need to pack a copy as you can buy it on location!

Indulge me, take a look at this short clip.

Yes, that is part of the annual Easter celebrations in Kritsa, so of course I’ve managed to give it a starring role in my story, although in early 1800s it was black powder not dynamite!

Right from the start I wanted to create an easy to read adventure novel about Kritsa’s famous female rebel, that was based on fact and provided insight to local customs, with you, my dream reader in mind. If, after reading the novel you visit Kritsa, walk the gorge, or drive on up to Katharo then so much the better. Then, if sunbathing gets too much, visits to Lassithi Plateau or beautiful Sisi harbour will truly bring the story to life.

Perhaps this map, created especially for the book, will help you get a better feel for your holiday location.

CRETE MAP rev 26.11.14.indd

Wait, you’ll be on holiday and might not want to go rushing about, so just for you, here’s a photo of the Kritsotopoula memorial that you can gaze on if you are still on your sunbed when you reach the final page.

imageFinally, don’t be shy. If you’d like some hints or tips about where to go and what to do in the east of Crete just ask, it will be my pleasure to share more about my little bit of paradise. X

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