Title and tag line

The second lesson of #blogging101 covered the importance of a blog’s title and tag line, and how these key features needn’t be static. After reading this I had a flash of the blindingly obvious, ‘Oh, that’s why I’m on my third blog’.

As my reason for blogging changed, then my previous blogs didn’t stack up, but I had built up a small following and risked losing them when I killed off those blogs. Now I realise I could have changed the site name and tag line (along with theme) without changing the address. Doh!

Big tick, lesson learned!

However, before starting this particular blog I’d started to learn more. Apparently an easy pit for new authors to fall into is to name their blog for the title of their book, rather than use it as the building block of a brand. This oh so logical gem of information came to me too late for my Facebook page:


When I came to name this blog I decided on kritsayvonne as I’ve previously used that nickname on various Cretan forums, and my ‘brand’ is how I use my knowledge of Kritsa, and the surrounding area in my writing. So, after a #blogging101 prompt to think it through, I’ve decided this blog has the right name, for the time being.

Now, onto the tagline. The key reason for this blog was to engage with readers, and potential readers, of my novel. Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa. So, let’s indulge me a little now, just imagine someone does read the book, right to the end where after acknowledgments to all of the good folk who’ve helped me on my way, they find my blog address. Surely if the tag line says, ¬†Author of Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa, they’ll instantly know it’s the right place.

Well, that how I feel today, but after this lesson I know it needn’t be static. Ha, ha, now I’m daydreaming about a future one.

Author of three successful novels set in Kritsa…

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