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Until a few months ago I didn’t know book bloggers existed. Now I’m so pleased I’ve found out about them as it gives fantastic insight into books and authors. There seems to be two main types, first  people who love books so much they read them with the sole intention of giving a review. This insight is great when deciding what to put on your ‘to be read’ list. I’ve already bought some books that I’d not have known about so I’m looking forward to a feast of reading. Some examples I’ve come across include:

Then there are authors who blog, primarily about there own writing, but often on associated subjects too. A good example is Helen Hollick, who writes about a range of characters including my distant relative King Harold Godwin. (Well at least that’s what Grandad Goodwin told me) It was Helen’s blog that introduced me to the concept of a Blog Hop. A recent example was when a group of authors collaborated to make a seasonal post just before Christmas and listed the other participants. I hopped about from one to another gaining insight to authors that I might not otherwise have come across.

One of the particpants was Anna Belfrage, author of the saga about Matthew Graham and his time travelling wife. Anna also announced that she would gift a copy of book six in the series, Revenge and Retribution to one of her blog readers who left a comment. Drum roll… I’m delighted to be the recipient, an extra nice Christmas surprise. My problem is that I’ve only read the first book, Rip in the veil, so I’ll  need to catch up first. The address for Anna’s blog is

If you want to recommend bloggers you can use the comment box below.

That’s my last post for 2014, so Happy New Year! X

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