Rodanthe’s Christmas

I hope you enjoy this snippet from the pages of Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa. We’ll eavesdrop as Rodanthe explains the importance of being good at Christmas .

The week before Christmas I was always on my best behaviour, and cheerfully completed tasks at home just in case impish goblins took up residence in our chimney early. Mama said goblins arrived at midnight on Christmas Eve, while we were all in church, and stayed until twelfth night. They are naughty, ugly creatures, anxious for an opportunity to spoil food and make a mess. They recognised a similar impishness in children, so if we behaved well the mischievous goblins copied us. It was important to keep a mid-winter fire in our grate, because if goblins were warm they didn’t move about to cause trouble, so I happily fetched wood from Grandpa’s store. Although I did try to be good, I trusted that the strange, hairy creatures would get the blame for any small misdemeanours so that I still had a faultless record when Saint Basil paid a visit on New Year’s Eve.

So, whether you are expecting Santa on Christmas Eve, or Saint Basil on New Year’s Eve, I hope YOU have been good. Merry Christmas! X

2 thoughts on “Rodanthe’s Christmas”

  1. Happy Christmas Yvonne. Can’t wait to read the full story. This little snippet certain provides great cultural and epic insights into Christmas in Kritsa and Crete. Peer and Suzanne.

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