I make reference to Daskalogiannis in Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa, and want to describe this dance in the sequel, Rodanthe’s Gift, so finding this piece was wonderful. To watch a clip of dancing you need to follow the link to the original blog. If you watch the clip I’d love to know how you would describe the dance.

Better still, if you’ve danced it, how does it make you feel ?

Chora Sfakion Diary 2012

Today the weather ist not very good …. is cold and wet!!  So its a good opportunity to write about something else.

The Pentozali is one of the most popular cretan dances and has his roots in the Sfakia, more exactly in Anopolis…..

The history of the Pentozalis starts in 1769…. Ioannis Vlachos, better known as Daskalogiannis was born in  Anopolis, Sfakia. Daskalogiannis saw in the Orlow revolt , the so-called Orlofika, the chance of a renewed uprising of the Cretans against the turks…. in autumn, 1769 he called together all his partisan leaders and persuaded them that it is the right moment for a revolution…. so it should become the big uprising  against the turks and the well  known Daskalogiannis Revolution….. On the 10th of October, 1769 this revolution was  finally decided by these 12 partisan leaders, with head of the Daskalogiannis, … in addition to that  Daskalogiannis wante

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