Nanowrimo outcome

Well, the thing about publicly declaring that I participated in the nanowrimo challenge, where the aim was to write either a 50,000 word short novel or 50,000 words towards a longer piece, is that I need to share the outcome.

I didn’t make it – boo, shame, hiss. Sorry, I you down folks.

Ah, but I did achieve 40,000 higgly pigly words. Some I’m quite pleased with, some will disappear for ever, whereas others encase a raw nugget that I can polish.

No excuses, I didn’t write enough, but what a great learning experience. On reflection my top three flashes of the blindingly obvious are

  1. Tame the inner critic – too late I realised I should just write, write, write, as there is plenty of time for revision when November is over.
  2. Don’t use new software – I used a software tool called Scrivener for the first time. Of course I should have got it sooner so that I spent less time faffing about with it. I can already see its value though so I’m happy to have it.
  3. Plan that plot – I’m a plot planner and I hadn’t planned enough – next time (I can’t believe I just wrote that) I’ll do more planning. To suit my preferred style, I need to have a skeleton already set out, then I can just write in every little time gap I can seize. Early mornings were great, but evenings, forget it!

So, all in all, I’m very pleased that I participated.  Guess what, I’ve got a plot, three key characters, a beginning, a middle and an end. What more do I need? Oh yes, about 45,000 words to make friends with those already nestling under the title, Rodanthe’s Gift.

If you participated in nanowrimo, and hit 50,000, respect! Perhaps I can have you as a writing buddy next year.

If you have any tips or comments please feel free to leave them below, or, if you prefer then use the contact form.

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