Author Interview with Kathryn Gauci

Here’s news of a book about a differnt view of Greek history, fascinating!

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I’m very pleased to welcome Kathryn Gauci, author of the debut historical novel, The Embroiderer, which is already garnering great reviews. I received my copy of the book today and can’t wait to travel back in time with her characters.


Welcome, Kathryn!

What is your book’s genre/category?

The Embroiderer is historical fiction.

Please describe what the story/book is about.

The Embroiderer is a sweeping saga of love and loss, hope and despair, and of the extraordinary courage of women in the face of adversity, set against the mosques and minarets of Asia Minor and the ruins of ancient Athens.

In the spring of 1822, during one of the bloodiest massacres of The Greek War of Independence, a child is born to a woman of legendary beauty in the Byzantine Monastery of Nea Moni on the island of Chios. The subsequent decades of bitter struggle between Greeks and Turks simmer…

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