Insights after a KCD promo and tips on Thunderclap

Some great insight here that should stop me from reinventing the wheel!

Effrosyni's blog

As promised, I’m sending out this post today to share with you my experiences with my very first KCD promo. I also have some insights and tips for you where it comes to Thunderclap.

In the past, I’d only run 3 FREE promos which had yielded anything between 500-5,000 downloads each. However, 99 cents is not FREE… People don’t spend easily even that nowadays, so I knew I was entering a whole different kind of game and tried not to keep my hopes too high.

Now, my goals for this promo were two:

  • Goal #1: The Necklace of Goddess Athena to gain bestseller status in the Amazon paid store
  • Goal #2: To have a minimum of 100 downloads

 I admit I was very disappointed when I didn’t reach goal #2 above, however, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve somehow nailed the first one!

Before I tell you what the outcome…

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