Greek delights: Imam Baildi (aubergines aka eggplants in tomato sauce)

Imam Baildi is always one of the first dishes I cook on my return to Crete where my eggplants (aubergines) come from the farmer’s market in Agios Nikolaos. This version uses different spices to mine so I can’t wait to try it….mmmm hope aubergines are available in January.

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Every year since their retirement, my parents have split their lives by half in two places. From October to April they live in Athens next door to me and from April to October in their summer home on the Greek island of Lemnos where dad comes from. There, they have a large expanse of land where dad tends to every vegetable plant imaginable, as well as raising a pig, a sheep and a bunch of chickens every year. When they return next door early October, their spacious car trunk is full to the brim with fresh, organic produce, lots of which wind up in my fridge and freezer to last me all winter.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA In this serene environment and with this view from his property, my father is inspired to farm every year to his heart’s content.

This year has been no different. One of the first organic vegetables I chose…

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