Arrivals and a seasonal farewell – Yemistá

Followed this recipe very successfully, and was told that it is scrumptious.  I made a veggie version for me x


Ingredients for yemista

We have managed to fit in a visit to Greece right now, just as Summer slips in to Autumn.It’s a mellow time of year; the days are still beautifully warm and balmy and the searing heat of August has passed. The continuing warmth does mean that there is still a chance to catch some of the dishes that are so dependant on Summer’s bounty.

The call to my sister-in-law before we left home, just to give the mundane details of flight times, finished with the promise of just such a treat – ‘Ill be making yemista” she said.

Once again, the english translation totally diminishes the dish and does nothing to convey this glorious celebration of Summer. The vegetables are a mix of perfect plump tomatoes, delicate thin-skin green peppers, crisp courgettes and maybe some stuffed vine leaves; the stuffing a mix of rice, fragrant herbs  and minced meat –…

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