One Kritsotopoula, two more versions

After a busy morning preparing our house for winter while we are in the UK, we made time for a coffee.  We met Jenny, and local sculptor Nigel in the taverna situated in the old Aga’s house at the top of the village under a huge platanos tree.  Busy chatting the coffee break morphed into retsina with mezes including freshly cooked cabbage that was delicious, and bore no relation to the overcooked green splodge many of us remember from childhood with dislike.

If you have read other parts of this website you will know that Nigel generously shared his translation of the Greek epic poem Kritsotopoula with me.  Our collaboration will continue as his version of the poem in English will also be published next year, and we have decided to launch in Kritsa simultaneously. As well as being fun we hope that this will make it clear that we are both comfortable with the ‘other’ version.

Yes, of course I’ll keep you updated…

Meanwhile, if you have any questions for Nigel or me just use the contact form below.

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