Weird Weather

Via the internet we read that the UK has had the driest September since 1910.  Here in Kritsa our September started as expected with long hot days and nights, with many trips to local beaches.  Then by 8th September the Kritsa tour with Beryl Darby was a wash out.

Next came a week of lovely mornings with monsoons each afternoon.  Then, just the weather settled down we were hit with a freak heatwave with winds direct from the Sahara.  We did the only sensible thing we could think of and spent a few days lying on a beach – almost as if we were on holiday!

September ended with several days of very heavy rain and high winds.  We enjoyed a walk along a stormy coast watching crashing breakers braved by windsurfers and kite surfers making spectacular jumps above the waves.


Now we hope for a warm start to October as friends from the UK will join us for a week.  I bet we visit lots of the places mentioned in Kritsotopoula, Girl of Kritsa as they were with us when I had the first germ of an idea to write about Kritsa’s amazing rebel.

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