Kritsa tour wash out

It is not supposed to rain this early in September… 

I collected Beryl Darby, author of books set on Crete, and two of her friends, Lillian and Jane from their hotel in Elounda for a tour of Kritsa. 

The moment I turned into the empty car park at the famous church of Panagia Kera I realised all archaeological sites are closed on a Monday – doh! Never mind, next stop was the studio of Kritsa sculptor Nigel Ratcliffe to see his current work in progress.  We were all suitably impressed, and looked forward to seeing his monument to Kritsotopoula later in the day.

As dark clouds gathered and rain-swept down the mountain we decided to have lunch at Aristidis taverna in the centre of Kritsa before visiting Kritsotopoula’s house and her papa’s church.  When the downpour had passed we set out again, pausing at the gift shop opposite Aristidis where Beryl was delighted to see a German edition of her original guidebook to Spinalonga.  A subsequent discussion with the shop owner Nikos should see him selling the updated version next year.  Meanwhile, if you want a copy of the Spinalonga guidebook, or one of Beryl’s novels set in Crete, you can order them via

We had just managed to have a quick view of Nigel’s sculpture outside of the cultural centre before the heavens opened again.  I have reflected this scene in my novel (but without the rain) when young Rodanthe is at school long before she was known as Kritsotopoula.  Luckily I have a photo of Beryl taken in the same place a year earlier, when the thought of rain this early in September seemed impossible.


Gushing rain put us off visiting the Lato memorial, so we headed back to Elounda.  Ah well, Kritsotopoula’s not going anywhere, I can take them to visit her next year!

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